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Something for Everyone!!

The Largest Selection of Hershey's Ice Cream in Lake Norman - over 60 flavors!

Hershey's Premium Frozen Yogurts  

World Famous Sno Biz Snoballs

Philadelphia Italian Ice 

Frozen Hot Chocolate - Frappes - Smoothies

Served in cups, cone, shakes, sundaes & splits.


World Famous Sno Biz Snoballs!!

Sno Biz Shaved Ice Snoballs are now available in over 100 flavors & combinations. Mix & Match your favor flavors and add our exclusive Sno-Creme or toppings for an extra special treat!

About Us

Cookies N Creme is a hometown favorite in Denver North Carolina. With the largest selection of Hershey Premium Ice Cream, over 60 flavors, there is something for everyone.  

Cookies N Creme is a full service Ice Cream shop serving Premium Hand Dipped Hershey's ice cream - cones, cups, sundaes, shakes & more.   We also have some delicious treats like our fresh baked waffles cones & bowls. 

Sno Biz Shaved Ice Snoballs are a snow-like treat with syrup on top. Choose from over 100 flavors and combination.  You can Mix & match your favorites.  Experience a crazy snoball and try one 'Stuffed' with a scoop of ice cream on the bottom & whip cream on top!   It's awesome!

Our Original Italian Ice is a delightful treat.  

We have major league mini-baseball helmets available for your scoops or Italian Ice.   

In addition to enjoying our delicious treats, guests can relax with a game of Checkers, UNO, Trouble or Connect 4.    

Our top priority is providing a delightful experience for our customers and offering the best products available.

Stop by today for a real treat!!